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For those lucky enough to have one of the 170,000 tickets to the Worlds Largest Open Air Festivals, the fun begins today. With a history of working with Rock and Pop concerts, road shows and festivals, Architen is proud of its Glastonbury legacy.

Our famous Pyramid Stage, which first appeared in 1981, continues to be the centrepiece of the festival.   The Pyramid is a massive tensile fabric structure which provides shelter to the main stage for Glastonbury headliners this year its The Rolling Stones.

Todays Pyramid stage stays true to its roots and will capture the attention of the masses once again this week.

In addition to the Pyramid, Architen designed, manufactured and installed the Orange Recharging Zone and Sonys PlayStation Venue and Desperados Entertainment Bar (all in fabric).

When it comes to events, no one knows how to cover the stars like Architen.  From U2, to Robbie Williams, to The Rolling Stones, we use fabric to create iconic entertainment spaces.

Wishing everyone at Glastonbury a safe and fun 43rd festival.


Author: Architen Landrell

For over 30 years, Architen has been at the forefront of the tensile fabric industry.

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