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After several months of planning and design, we at Architen Landrell are pleased to launch our brand new website.

With a stylish and easily navigable layout, the website contains an extensive database of projects we have undertaken across the company, accompanied by a comprehensive photo library. To satisfy those who require more information, technical articles and maps can be easily accessed.

The website captures the knowledge and expertise for which we are renowned, presenting it clearly and helpfully, with the new easy to use navigation allowing quick browsing. Simple links help the user to follow a multitude of paths in their research.

Users will be able to keep up to date with all our latest projects and news by subscribing to our online newsletter, as well as having the opportunity to discover more about what we do through our information pages.

Author: Architen Landrell

For over 30 years, Architen has been at the forefront of the tensile fabric industry.

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