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Architen Landrell, in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has recently welcomed engineering graduate James Ward into our research and development department.

James, who has an undergraduate degree from the University of Birmingham, will be taking on the task of developing our knowledge of ETFE; both as a material and as part of a roofing system.

The KTP Programme is designed to help businesses become more competitive and productive as a result of an in depth study into methods, materials, technology and skill sets within a business. Through James work, the company hopes to gain a greater understanding of the product and how it will react/behave in specific situations which will in turn help us to give our prospective clients a more comprehensive understanding of what they are buying into. Additionally, research into our working methods should improve time and material efficiency.

James is looking forward to the challenges that the project will bring, commenting In two years the intense project schedule of KTP will give the kind of results and experience usually only attainable after the best part of a decade. Im thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck into some research that will not only help the company and me, but also one of the most pressing matters of current times; the environment.

As well as the Architen Landrell team, James will be supported by Nottingham Trent Universitys tensile fabric and ETFE specialists in order to fulfil the project. His previous experience in design engineering, researching and prototype testing should stand him in good stead for this challenging project but this additional expertise will be invaluable to him and to Architen Landrell.

Managing Director Lance Rowell comments the scheme looks as though it will bring tangible and useful results for both the company and for James, were very excited to learn what information hell bring to our technical department.

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