PVC Polyester Fabric canopy for shopping court as a series of inverted conics

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An opportunity to reuse or recycle a tensile fabric structure is never passed by at Architen Landrell and the environmental impact of our materials and end product is a hot topic within the industry. While we are constantly pushing our suppliers for more eco-friendly materials to work with and continually improving our manufacturing and installation techniques to minimise our environmental impact, what about the structures which are already in place?

Since achieving ISO 14001 in 2009 and embarking on a campaign to relocate, reuse and recycle before sending anything to landfill, Architen Landrell has come across several now redundant structures which still have plenty of life within them!

Millennium Umbrellas

When the Millennium Dome was rebranded as the O2 in 2007 and several of the original structures became superfluous, Architen Landrell was quick to snap up the opportunity to find new homes for these simple, yet effective, tensile canopies.

Numerous canopies were removed from the site and several have been relocated across the world with great success! Piarco Airport, Trinidad, is now home to 14 of the 9m structures which form a stunning entrance canopy to shade travellers from the Caribbean sun!

Each canopy has a plan area of 9m x 9m and is formed from a galvanised steel framework consisting of a single central column and four cantilever arms. Each frame supports an inverted PTFE coated glass cloth cone which provides sun shading and enables the collection of rainwater through the central column.

The canopies are engineered for a 50 year design life. The column height can be reduced from the original to provide less head room but more rain protection if required. In addition a polycarbonate infill panel supported on the fabric can be added to provide complete coverage between adjacent canopies.

Perfect for forming covered walkways, entrance canopies or street spaces, the modular nature of this structure means the possibilities are endless!

Swindon Triple Conic Structure

Recently removed from the Parade Shopping Centre in Swindon where it no longer fitted into the landscape design, this impressive triple conic structure was originally installed to provide weather protection and a dramatic centre piece for the high street. Still in excellent condition following its reconditioning by Architen Landrell, the structure is immediately ready for reinstallation.

The structure has a total area of 193m2and is formed from a galvanised steel framework consisting of three columns and 6 cantilevered arms. Each of the three columns supports an inverted PVC coated polyester cone, all linked by one large central cone. The structure provides solar shading and enables the collection of rainwater through the central column.

As a refurbished structure, this triple conic offers an extremely economical way to introduce a stunning tensile fabric structure into a retail development, public space or school!

Contact us today if youd like to discuss any of our refurbished structures, or look at how we can design something bespoke to fit your requirements.

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