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The beauty of a tensile fabric structure is that it can benefit you whatever the weather. Here in the UK our summer has been interesting, with some of the wettest months in 100 years and some scorching hot days so why not install an umbrella which also serves as a parasol! If you are planning something to enhance the use of your outdoor space then a tensile fabric structure could be the answer you are looking for. In the heat it acts as a welcome shelter from the sun and provides much needed cover allowing you to enjoy the warm weather safely.

Yet on the cold, wet days an outdoor space provides shelter from the elements while allowing the opportunity to work outside and enjoy the fresh air.

A tensile fabric structure can be standalone or attached to an existing or new building providing an entrance canopy to the building. Alternatively, you can design a structure which acts as a walkway between buildings, encouraging staff to walk around the buildings and interact with each other.

Our portfolio has an abundance of structures offering weather protection, click here to have a look!


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