• ETFE Cushion with acoustic rain suppression layer
  • Rain suppression layer on ETFE Cushion
  • ETFE Cushion with acoustic rain suppression layer
  • ETFE Cushion roof

Architen Acoustic – Better acoustics made easy.

Here comes the rain again… An ETFE cushion filled with air looks and acts a bit like a drum. When rain falls on the outer surface of the cushion, a drumming sound can occur. In most instances, this sound is not an issue, but this may be a key design consideration for some applications (such as over a library or a quiet work space). Our solution is the addition of Architen Acoustic.

Architen Acoustic is a rain-suppression mesh installed over the surface of the ETFE cushions. The fabric stops reverberation, and it also absorbs some of the rain falling from the sky. The result is a ‘drum free’ quieter space beneath the ETFE system.

The addition of the rain suppression mesh reduces sound by up to 10 decibels.

How to specify

Our products are easy to specify. Drop this clause into your architectural specification or download our full H80 Specification.


(To be specified in conjunction with the ARCHITEN ETFE CUSHION SYSTEM)

  • System Manufacturer: Architen Landrell Manufacturing Limited
  • Size: As per the architect’s drawings
  • Fabric: Polyester mesh
  • Sound reduction: max. 10dB

For more information on ETFE Foil, take a look at our Materials section. For bespoke projects or additional information, our experienced team will be happy to guide you through the specification of an Architen ETFE Acoustic System.


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