• PVC coated polyester car showroom canopy
  • Conical fabric canopy

At an Audi showroom in Glasgow, Architen Landrell was asked to design and install a piece of fabric architecture that would make a statement about Audi and visually display the luxury and quality of the brand.

The design of the tensile fabric umbrella canopy installed at Glasgow Audi was developed in collaboration with SDA architects with the intention of making a unique statement.
The canopy was needed to cover a hand over area at the new development for Lomond Audi Car in Glasgow at its latest showroom and conference centre.

The conical canopy, which consists of a white PVC coated polyester membrane canopy with stainless steel cables and fittings, is supported on Tripod System fabricated from steel. The 200sqm canopy demanded a strong system of steelwork to support its weight and to ensure the fabric tension remains constant.

This form of fabric architecture was chosen to make a bold statement to clients picking up their brand new Audi cars, epitomising the extravagance and quality of their new vehicle. The smooth curves of the tensioned fabric and the shiny coolness of the steel provide a stunning a focal point for this new car showroom.

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