• Fabric canopy  protecting market place
  • Mast supported tensile fabric canopies
  • White fabric roof covering market

A far cry from the tradition market place, the Rotherham Market Roof is a unique and interesting structure which Architen Landrell is extremely proud of.

Covering over 3,500sqm of market, which was previously open-aired, the structure is located on the second floor for an existing complex built during the 1750s. This contrast between old and new, classic and modern is what makes the structure so intrinsically striking and has led for it to be labeled a space age flying roof!

The 900 year old market place plays host to its market 6 days a week and numerous seasonal occasions as well. The unpredictable British weather meant that the need to protect the visitors was important, and the previously uncovered space was putting off potential visitors. With a desire to boost the local economy and trade, the town council brought in architects to redesign a roof to provide the necessary protection.

With the old existing structure still in place, the challenge of installing a roof lay in creating minimal intrusion and impact on the existing structure. As a result, the roof was designed to be supported on six free standing masts, entirely independent of the existing buildings.

For all construction teams, it was installation that proved the biggest challenge. Working alongside market traders, it was decided that the structure would be installed without interrupting trading!

A great success story, the structure has boosted both footfall and sales for the market and provided Rotherham with a impressive town icon.

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