• Tensile fabric roof canopy covering Orangery
  • Light transmitting tensil structure
  • Tensile canopy roof incorporating natural light
  • Fabric roof protecting gardens
  • Tensile fabric engineering

This PTFE tensile fabric cover forms the focal point of the regeneration of this public amenity park in Glasgow.

The historic Orangery was refurbished in 2000 as a focal point for the regeneration of this North Glasgow Park. Adjoining the orangery a new refreshment facility was constructed. To emphathise with the tracery and shape of the original Victorian glass house the new building was roofed with a PTFE fabric membrane with ETFE foil occuli to provided enhanced light levels within.

Needed in the midst of a harsh winter, the fabric was installed as early in the programme as possible to facilitate the internal works.

The light and airy interior provides a relaxing ambience with views across the park. The innovative ETFE foil occuli flood the upper level with defused light. The roof is supported on a pair of inclined masts with flying pickup points suspended from a catenary tie bar span slung between them.

The perimeter is held out by inclined posts and tie down bars. The gleaming white PTFE fabric harmonises with the white painted framing of the adjoining glazed structure.

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