• Fabric entrance canopy for shopping centre
  • Small fabric canopies to provide shade
  • Outdoor fabric canopies for walkway

In the centre of Alicante, Reid Fenwick Associates were tasked with the job of creating a stunning entrance way in a brand new underground shopping centre.

Working in conjunction with winning bidders Architen Landrell, the designers developed a double-masted tensile fabric structure to mark the entrance to the new retail centre; the industrial looking tapered masts being integrated into the overall design to form a unique style of architecture.

The 35m masts are half embedded within the pavement in order to achieve maximum stability and to boost aesthetic effect! The main canopy, tensioned between these gigantic masts, was formed from PVC Coated Polyester and manufactured to form a triple conic crown for the entranceway.

Additionally, Architen Landrell was also contracted to install 72 hypars around the perimeter of the building to provide solar shading for visitors and shoppers alike.

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