• Inverted illuminated fabric canopies
  • Canopies for a bus station
  • Unusual and distinctive PTFE canopies
  • Conic fabric structures

In the heart of the capital, local authorities decided to take a brave step and turn their ageing and dull transport terminal into a forward-thinking and desirable place to wait for a bus. Designers approached Architen Landrell to come up with an idea which would enliven the station but also keep passengers protected from the erratic British weather.

A bold initiative by London Transport has resulted in an elegant solution for a busy bus interchange. The unusual and distinctive inverted canopies at the London station were designed primarily to protect passengers from the rain, and to encourage more and more people to use public transport.

The addition of a canopy, which forms part of a wider scheme to smarten up the London Transport system in general, is designed specifically to channel rainwater away from passengers into a drainage system at the bottom of each conic.

To add to the atmosphere Architen Landrell was also asked to incorporate lighting within the overall design. Each inverted conic is individually up lit using spotlights to turn the everyday location of a bus station into a landmark feature that the local authority could be proud of.

This elegant transport hub provides an excellent example of the durability of Teflon fabrics appearance, even in a traffic-heavy inner city environment. The structure remains clean and bright after more than a decade of urban exposure to pollution and diesel emissions.

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