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This Saturday, 21 June, marks the Summer Solstice. Soltics is latin for Sol (Sun) and Sistere (to stand still). It’s on this day when the sun (stands still) and is in its highest position in the sky, resulting in our longest day of sunlight for the year.

For some, this calls for a celebration at Stonehenge. For those of us stuck working in modern glass buildings, it means solar glare and solar gain problems.

It’s always this time of year when we receive an abundance of calls from people saying “we’re having challenges viewing our computer screens because of glare problems.” And, “it’s a greenhouse in here, can you help?”

Window tinting is nice, but you’re stuck with it and it’s not much of an architectural statement. When it comes to managing the sun, we are experts. Our designers have ‘sun technology’ allowing them to plot the sun and determine exactly where we need to add shade. This allow us to manage the sunlight with excellent results.

Using innovative fabric membranes and inspirational design ideas, we are able to create architectural shade solutions for interior (and exterior) applications. From floating fabric cones, to fabric screens & sails, to 3D artistic installations, fabric is a perfect way to make a statement, manage solar glare, reduce your cooling costs and improve the acoustics in your space.

Whether your packing your caravan and heading to Stonehenge or sitting in your office with your sunnies on, we wish you a happy Summer Solstice… don’t forget your sun cream. And if you want a break from the sun, give us a call. We’re the ‘cool’ sun control company.

For inspiration and design ideas on managing solar glare, click here, and view our Interior Products.

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