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Unlike traditional fabric structures, ETFE Foil is an extruded material and therefore has a smooth surface. This smoothness reduces the amount of dirt retained on the ETFE foil surface and allows the rain to wash away the majority of bird droppings and dirt. However, it is impossible to say that any material is entirely self-cleaning, and therefore we recommend the following cleaning regime:

In general terms, we advise that ETFE foil cushions are cleaned externally every 2-3 years if dirt build up becomes a problem. The city environment is dirtier than other locations and therefore may mean that more regular maintenance of the external façade is required.

The cushions might also need to be dusted on the underside, although far less often – depending on the amount of dirt collected in the internal atmosphere, we would recommend they are cleaned every 5-10 years but many don’t need cleaning on the underside at any point in their lives!

In addition to remote monitoring, we recommend that the cushions and inflation units are serviced every six months to ensure that all is working as it should be. The average inspection includes checking for the following:

  • Visible damage to the internal and external foil layers
  • Distortion of the shape indicating the possibility of impact damage or damaged clamp profiles
  • Capping elements for fixity
  • Welded joints to ensure integrity
  • Plenum and associates joints, clamps, brackets and connections, particularly checking for leakage.
  • Operation of the inflation equipment, including replacing filters
  • Fine tuning the operation of the inflation equipment to maintain optimum performance
  • Repair of minor holes and tears

Providing our maintenance personnel have access to the roof, they will be able to carry out all inspections and maintenance using rope access techniques which adhere to IRATA guidelines.

Architen Landrell has a designated Maintenance Department which deals with planned and emergency works at sites across the world. Our maintenance personnel are based at our office in Chepstow and have a fleet of vehicles available for site visits. In the event of an emergency, we also have a 24/7 dedicated telephone line for call outs and advice.

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