• ETFE Intelligent Printing roof inside University
  • ETFE roof for hospital
  • ETFE foil cushions manage sunlight
  • Fabric roof over hospital courtyard
  • ETFE fabric roof in hospital

A smart system that is both practical and beautiful.

It’s a particularly sunny day, the glare is noticeable and your space is heating up. If your roof was glazed, you would have to accept and work around it. With Intelligent Printing, you get to control how much natural sunlight you allow into your space.

So how does it work?

Intelligent Printing features at least three layers. The top and middle layers are printed or fritted with an offset pattern (usually squares). By altering the air pressure in the individual chambers within the cushion, layers are brought close together providing maximum fritted coverage, or separated to maximise natural light transmission.

This system can be automated by the addition of light sensors installed on the roof of the building. This allows the end user to set light levels that are maintained by the smart air handling unit and automatically adjusted. As the position of the sun moves through the seasons, an Intelligent Printing ETFE system can react and respond – that’s why we call it intelligent.


How to specify

Our products are easy to specify. Just drop this clause into your architectural specification or download our full H80 NBS Specification.


(To be specified in conjunction with the ARCHITEN ETFE CUSHION SYSTEM)

System Manufacturer: Architen Landrell Manufacturing Limited

Size: As per architects drawings

Functionality: Adjustable light transmission via offset printing to the top and middle layers. Position of middle layer controlled by varying air pressure within the chambers.

Light transmission (open): max 37%

Light transmission (closed): max 19%

For more information on ETFE Foil, take a look at our Materials section. For bespoke projects or for additional information, our experienced team will be happy to guide you through the specification of an Architen ETFE Intelligent Printing System.


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