• Bright hospital installation
  • Coloured fun sculptural installation
  • Outdoor hypars
  • Courtyard PVC membrane panels

We were commissioned to design, manufacture and install three contrasting colour hypars, red, yellow and green, to brighten up what was to date a particularly dreary courtyard to an ageing hospital. The courtyard was not a uniform structure and a degree of head scratching was required to make the installation work and function properly.

At Bromley Hospital, the clients demanded a brightly coloured, fun and sculptural fabric installation in the central courtyard to enliven the view from the windows of the wards. Architen Landrell suggested the installation of three large PVC membrane panels in contrasting colours, tensioned against the walls of the courtyard.

The biggest challenge of the job was undoubtedly how to install the tensile structures. The logistics of mounting three large fabric sculptures in a working hospital courtyard without disrupting staff and patients was complex. However, expert site crew, working at height were praised by the hospital and patients for their unobtrusive conduct, and quick and easy installation.

The Hospital Trust was very happy with the finished product and said the hypars were a great conversation piece for both staff and patients. It’s nice to know that we have potentially brightened many people’s hospital stay.

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