• Demountable temporary venue for Olympic games
  • Olympic temporary water polo venue
  • Fabric cushion structure
  • Temporary venue
  • Acoustic lining
  • Award winning design

David Morely Architects Water Polo arena is an entirely demountable structure featuring tensile fabric cushions creating a stunning piece of architecture on a bed of steel.

Award Winning Design:

Winner of the 2013 International Achievement Awards (IAA) Award of Excellence.

Category:  Inflatable Structure

About the Structure:

The structure comprises PVC coated polyester cushions forming the roof of the structure and a single layer of PVC coated polyester to create the sides of the building. The tensile fabric cushions are inflated with air handling units ensuring the structure retains its shape.

The exterior of the arena also features integrated lighting which illuminates the structure at night creating a sophisticated and stunning atmosphere.


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