• PVC barrel vault canopy
  • PVC shade providing canopy at sports venue

As a major centre for commercial and cultural activities, Couva is an ideal place for the largest stadium in the country.

Named the Ato Boldon Stadium, after a Trinidadian Olympic medallist, it is located on the edge of the town of Couva, and lies in the central part of Trinidad between Port of Spain and San Fernando. The stadium is used by the local football team and has the capacity for 10,000 people. A sister stadium, the Union Park Stadium, stands in Marabella, only a short distance away.

Constructed for the under 17s World Cup in 2001, held in Trinidad and Tobago, Architen Landrell fought hard to win the contract for the Grandstand canopy. The structure, spanning a massive distance, was formed from a series of PVC coated polyester barrel vaults tensioned over steel frames to provide shade for the spectators beneath.

The blistering heat of the Caribbean summer made the installation of the structure a challenge for the British installers. However, after a number of weeks on site, the structure was completed and the site crew could enjoy the shade of the new canopy.

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