• Interior fabric conic
  • Tensile fabric canopy
  • Tensile fabric interior conic structure
  • Clear fabric roof over university courtyard
  • Sound absorbing conic fabric structure
  • Improves acoustics
  • Integrated lighting

In the centre of Hendon Quadrangle, at Middlesex University, Architen Landrell installed four twin skin inverted conics with thick Melatec linings to improve the acoustics of an otherwise echoing space.

After initial design problems, Architen Landrell was asked to join the project and oversee all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation of the four fabric structures.

The glass roofed quad, newly built by contractors Fitzpatrick, aided noise to travel and echo around the large and effectively empty space. Architens conic structures, lined with specially designed material, absorb the excess sound and improve acoustics throughout the space.

Everybody who sees this particular piece of work is impressed by it, and at night, when the conics are lit up with bright white lighting, how can they fail to be. The stunning craftsmanship and unique design is one of the most effective pieces of interior fabric work created by Architen Landrell.

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