• twin coned tensile PVC fabric entrance canopy
  • Fabric canopy
  • Coned tensile PVC fabric canopy

A twin coned tensile PVC fabric entrance canopy supported by a single steel mast at the arms and armoury museum in Leeds. As well as affording weather protection the canopy provides a striking and decorative entrance into the Tiltyard Displays at this world famous museum which houses over 8000 exhibits covering a period of 3000 years of military history.

In the early 1990s it was decided that a new home needed to be found for many of the exhibits housed in the Tower of London so that there would be the space to display them properly.

It was decided to locate the new museum in Leeds and Derek Walker the renowned architect was commissioned to design the new Royal Armouries museum.

Outside the main museum building is a Tiltyard for demonstrations of jousting and other forms of mounted martial sport, as well as falconry and the use of hunting dogs, a menagerie for the horses, dogs and birds and a craft court in which visitors can watch gunsmiths, leather workers and other related traditional craftsmen at work.

The fabric canopy that we manufactured and installed at the Tiltyard provides a striking entrance to this open-air exhibition area at the museum.

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