• Fabric panels in theatre roof
  • Tensile fabric conservatory style structure
  • Opaque fabric panels alternative to glass
  • Lightweight fabric
  • All weather protection

The Royal Hall theatre in Harrogate, home of one of Englands last remaining ambulatories, has undergone a multi million, lottery funded, refurbishment to restore its original beauty and Architen Landrell has been thrilled to be involved.

This restoration programme has included the addition of an aluminium framed lean-to roof, completely encompassing the refurbished cast iron ambulatory below.

Previously covered with glass panels in a cast iron frame, the weight of the glass had become too much for the structure to handle and so a fabric alternative was sought.

The fabric structure, opaque to conceal the industrial view outside but still let in natural light, now provides the walkers with protection from the weather.

Architen Landrell’s lightweight enveloping conservatory style structure now allows the patrons of the Royal Hall Theatre to relax and have a drink without being assaulted by either the weather while being shielded from the strikingly modern neighbouring buildings!

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