• PVC Polyester: Entrance canopy walkway funky original unique chopsticks
  • PVC polyester: Air filled structure event space
  • PVC polyester: Fabric structure at Cheltenham Racecourse
  • PVC polyester: Canopy covering an outdoor performance space
  • PVC polyester: Canopy covering an outdoor performance space

An economical, multi-purpose fabric that is excellent for both permanent and temporary structures.

Most commonly used in the construction of tensile structures is PVC coated polyester. PVC  polyester is chosen not only for its excellent strength, flexibility and translucency, but also for its impressive design life of 20+ years.

Known for creating curvature in architecture.

PVC polyester is mainly used for beautifully shaped tensile fabric structures, however its wide range of colours and suitability for printing also makes it ideal for banners. Because PVC polyester can be folded, it’s suitable for both temporary and retractable structures.

The PVC polyester coating includes UV stabilisers, fire retardant additives, colouring and anti-fungicides and it can be fully recycled – making this a well-rounded fabric.

PVC polyester is used on structures all over the world and in every environment. Applications include: covered walkways, entrance features, outdoor classrooms, play areas, stadiums, event spaces, brise soleil.

Increased lifespan

PVC polyester continues to be developed with enhanced coating and lacquers which have increased the design lifespan significantly in the last few years.



Exterior / Interior Life Expectancy Translucency Recyclable Frequency of Maintenance Cost Fire Rating
PVC PolyesterExteriorYes
Silicone Glass BothYes
PTFE GlassExteriorNo
PVC GlassInteriorNo
Stretch FabricInteriorNo

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