• Illuminated fabric soffit
  • Lightframe fabric canopy with integrated LED lighting entrance feature
  • Illuminated entrance canopy
  • Entrance canopy with lighting
  • Lightframe entrance feature with integrated fluorescent lighting
  • Architen Lightframe
  • Modular fabric ceiling system in airport
  • Fabric ceiling panels in office building
  • Lightframe Entrance Canopy

Lighting Evokes Mood

Light and sound are two of the most important phenomena in any civilization. They have tremendous influence on our well-being whether we are at work or leisure. By being able to control the lighting and acoustic atmosphere, we can create highly productive positively influenced spaces.

Standard System

Lightframe is a modular fabric system for translucent ceilings and wall elements. It produces attractive effects in both artificial and natural light. Benefits of lightframe fabric ceiling panels include:

  • Qualitative improvements in spatial acoustics
  • Appears uniformly illuminated
  • Manufactured to your specification
  • Rapid installation
  • Panels allow for easy access to building services

Lightframe LED System

Using the modular Lightframe system, LED adds an extra level of evenly distributed low-energy integrated LED lighting throughout. Benefits of lightframe LED systems include:

  • LEDs can be white or RGB
  • Fully programmable
  • Simulates daylight
  • Low energy

Lightframe Pixel System

Pixel is a new way of using light technology to enhance mood, define a space, empower communication, and deliver a message. Benefits of Lightframe Pixel systems include:

  • Interior feature
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Endless possibilities

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