• Wing style airport canopy
  • Birmingham airport entrance canopy
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Its long been accepted by architects and designers that the entry points in and out of cities and countries need to make an impact both visually and practically. So when the bus interchange at Birmingham Airport needed to be refurbished, architects CPMG wanted to ensure that an impression would be made!

Incorporating inspiration from the nearby airport, CPMG settled on an aerofoil shaped design constructed out of PVC coated polyester and steel. After a long and tough tender process, Architen Landrell was thrilled to be awarded an order to carry out detailed design, engineering, manufacture and installation of the canopy.

Looming high over the entrance to the station, the structure is reminiscent of a aeroplane wing and acts as a landmark by which you can navigate around the airport and National Exhibition Centre site.
Created out of PVC coated polyester tensioned over a steel frame, the structure is held on three large steel masts and fixed to the main terminal building.

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