• Tensile fabric canopy over bus station
  • Tensile fabric walkway canopy at bus station
  • Barrel vaulted fabric structure over bus station
  • Creative covered walkway canopies
  • Architectural lighting
  • Eye catching

The redevelopment of Edmonton Green Bus Terminus has been a triumph for Architen Landrell and Enfield Borough Council; providing a stunning entrance into the area, the wing shaped canopy also provides shelter for those waiting below.

The 26 stand bus station is thought to be the tenth busiest bus interchange in London and sees 5 million visitors pass through it every year and as the existing station was becoming dated and run down, Architen Landrell won the bid to design, manufacture and install a brand new structure to promote the redevelopment of the area.

Working closely with Lyons Sleeman Hoare Architects, Architen Landrell designed and engineered the steelwork for the structure, consisting of two rows of 219mm CHS columns joined across at the head and mid point. From the centre point the spars curved in a symmetrical shape to form the iconic wing shape.

The fabric was fixed to the steelwork via specialist aluminium profile designed specifically by Architen Landrell and bolted to the top of the rolled spars. Beneath the canopy press formed aluminium cladding pieces mask the horizontal members. Lighting was added by others to ad the finishing touches to the majestic structure.

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