• Series of PVC coated polyester sails

At the modern imposing corporate headquarters of Saga, Architen Landrell was commissioned to design, manufacture and install a series of PVC coated polyester sails. The canopy was primarily intended to create a striking entrance feature, but also provides weather protection when playtime is interrupted by the rain.

The works for the corporate giant comprised the completion of design, procurement, fabrication and installation of PVDF lacquered PVC coated polyester membrane. Specially treated the fabric was chosen to provide UV protection and weather resistance, ensuring an extended life span and minimal maintenance. The features also curve outwards, directing rainwater away from the building.

Along with maintaining the canopy, safety was at the forefront of the minds of the designers. As an addition to a crche, the fabric features had to be positioned out of the reach of small children and tensioned from the building rather than the floor.

The result is an unusual faade for a company crche. Saga aim to portray their professional and modern way of thinking within their offices, and the crche is an extension of this. The sweeping external features are practical and show the importance of style in the workplace.

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