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At this years IFAI Expo, held in Las Vegas, USA, Architen were thrilled to collect 2 awards for their work over the past year!

The winners, who were selected from over 380 entries from 14 different countries, were judged on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.

In the 10,000 30,000 square feet category, Architen Landrell claimed an Outstanding Achievement award for their work at the O2. The installation of a PVC coated polyester walkway lit with interactive LED lighting caught the judges attention and was praised for its design.

Even more impressive was the Award of Excellence presented to us for our work at Duxford Airspace. The project, which won overall in the Interior Banners category, is an impressive 225 metre sculpture installed in the Imperial war Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

The company would like to congratulate all who were involved in these projects!

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For over 30 years, Architen has been at the forefront of the tensile fabric industry.

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