• Membrane roof with ETFE
  • ETFE cushions
  • ETFE foil cushions
  • Colour ETFE cushions
  • ETFE rooflights with printing
  • Full colour printing to the top layer of the ETFE cushions
  • Each cushion covers an area of 142sqm

Full colour printing is an unusual addition to an ETFE cushion but for the dramatic concourse space at this International Airport, the architects wanted just that – in the form of a series of large scale peacock feathers!

Native to West Java, peacocks were taken as a major inspiration for the airport design and the PVC coated polyester roof form resembles a peacocks tail, with its feathers fanned out to display it’s beauty. The ETFE cushion rooflights integrate seamlessly into the tensile membrane roof and provide a focal point with the ‘eye’ of the feather glowing from above and below.

As a material, ETFE foil is chemically inert and therefore printing onto its surface can only be achieved during the material manufacture process. Each layer of each ETFE cushion was made up of 15 pieces of ETFE foil which were welded together to create the required teardrop shape. This meant that the peacock feather image had to be carefully split up into sections, arranged on the flat ETFE roll and printed before being assembled in our factory to form the full image. Architen Landrell worked closely with the printing company to ensure that the image would align perfectly, leaving no gaps where the print was missing or and keeping the necessary form when inflated.

Now in situ, the peacock print provides striking effects from both air and on the ground; we can’t wait to see it the next time we fly into Jakarta!


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