• ETFE foil cushions
  • ETFE cushion roof membrane
  • ETFE atrium
  • 23no. 2 Layer ETFE Cushions
  • Roof supported by steel trees to relfect the internal planting

Nestled between high end residential developments, the ETFE cushion roof over this communal space provides a beautiful entrance space for visitors and residents alike. The ETFE piazza helps to form a transition space between the outside world and the high quality interior commercial and office spaces which occupy the ground floor.

Formed from 23no.  two layer ETFE cushions, the roof peaks in the centre and is supported by steel ‘trees’ to integrate with the natural planting in the space and reflect the 9 storey winter garden in the adjoining West Tower. In addition, the roof features a curved walk in gutter along its spine to allow for the ETFE cushions to be maintained.

Located alongside a main route into London and enclosed on all four sides, it was extremely important that the atrium roof provide as much light as possible to the space below. ETFE foil was chosen as it is transparent to the full UV spectrum meaning that minimal light and heat would be lost in transmission and, importantly, that plants and trees to grow naturally.


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