• PVC Inflatable apple
  • Fabric inflatable apple for Paralympic Games
  • PVC inflatable fabric sections

As part of the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony, Architen Landrell were awarded the contract to design and manufacture the tensile fabric membrane on the giant, inflatable apple.

Working closely with Total Solutions Group (who manufactured the steel work) the rotating apple was designed to represent Sir Isaac Newton and the three laws of motion. Without wishing to reveal the secrets of the apple, it is comprised of two semi-circle inflatable fabric sections which are attached to the steelwork.

The PVC coated polyester fabric membrane was painted by hand to look like an apple and pulled in on one side to create the ‘dimple’. A simple hand held fan was used to inflate the fabric membrane which allowed it to take on it’s apple-like form.

The apple is a prime example of the creativity that tensile fabric can offer and the dynamic structures it can create!

Award Winning Design:

Winner of the 2013 International Achievement Awards (IAA) Award of Achievement.

Category: Fabric Art

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