• Fabric clad live entertainment venue
  • Fabric building with conic canopies
  • Fabric clad temporary entertainment venue
  • Sail shaped fabric cladding

As part of the millennium celebrations, Architen Landrell was approached to help design and build a new temporary entertainment venue just along from the iconic Millennium Dome at Greenwich.

The fast moving and demanding rock and pop industry made the construction of such a large scale building in such a small time frame a real challenge for Architen Landrell. The building, clad entirely in fabric, was not only a functional creation, but had to look good. Architen integrated sail like elements onto the exterior of the building and inverted conic shaped canopies around the outskirts to provide shelter for the queuing masses.
The vast structure, a venture between Edwin Shirley Staging and architects Urban Salon in consultation with the Richard Rogers Partnership, was designed with an unusual dual purpose. As an integral part of the Millennium Experience its two giant cinemas together saw up to 50,000 visitors entertained every day.

Babydome, otherwise known as Skyscape as it was sponsored by BSkyB, was dedicated entirely to live entertainment such as plays, concerts, cabaret, ballet and award presentations. It was designed to house two 2,500 seat cinemas which could entertain up to 50,000 people per day. At night, the area was transformed into a 20m x 20m stage for an array of concerts.

The location of Skyscape guaranteed its place in the limelight during the year 2000, and its stunning lighting at night ensured that it couldnt fail to catch the eye. Its industrial design style allowed it to blend in with the similar scheme of the Millennium Dome, however, the bright blue night time lighting, combined with its boxy shape, ensured that the Babydome was every bit an attraction in its own right.

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