• tensile fabric light feature
  • Fabric light diffuser
  • Interior light diffusing fabric structures
  • Beautifully designed
  • Diffuses natural light
  • Enhances interior design

The refurbishment of one of the buildings at BBC Monitoring, Caversham has led to Architen Landrell being involved in an exciting and challenging project which has allowed us to use both our creativity and technical knowledge!

A series of roof lights on the first floor of the building were leading to excessive solar glare and causing problems for those on the floor below. A solution was required that wouldnt mean blocking the roof light completely but would reduce the light allowed through.

Originally a design order, Architen Landrell carried out a sun path analysis to calculate where solar shading was needed. As a result of this information, we proposed a design idea, using multiple cones overlap to control the glare. The sculpted design has also created a feature for the space; putting a modern slant on the idea of the traditional lampshade.

Although the original plan had been to make the structure using an E Screen mesh fabric to let in maximum light, the Architen Landrell design team suggested a change in approach. By switching to using Trapeze Plus, a stretch fabric made using lycra, the fabric was much more suited to dealing with the complex shapes and curved lines of this project. The fabric also holds the sunlight within it so the cones appear to glow.

The project was not without challenges and as a new concept, a certain amount of research and development was required. The steel rings had to be engineered as the top ring had to support all of the weight of the feature. Usually this would not be an obstacle, however, it was important that the steelwork did not cast any additional shadows within the feature and therefore had to be kept to a minimum.

We are extremely pleased with the results of this project. As a completely unique design it has allowed a degree of experimentation, research and development in order to reach a workable solution. Providing solar shading and a point of interest, the client is also pleased with the results.

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