• Tensile fabric canopy
  • PVC polyester canopy
  • Fabric canopy with frame
  • Washington 3
  • Fabric membrane canopy
  • Tensile fabric detail
  • 5 overlapping conic membranes
  • Conics supported and tensioned by flying masts
  • Canopy offers shading and an architectural statement

Shading was the main requirement for the canopies in a student courtyard at a high school, Washington State, but shading using our tensile fabric structures allowed them to achieve a practical solution along with architectural finesse and a statement aesthetic.

Starting with only a basic sketch and collaborating closely with our US partner and the client, our fabric structures design and engineering team developed tensile fabric canopy made up of 5 overlapping conic forms supported on perimeter masts and framework. To ensure a clear space underneath the canopy, each conic has a flying mast supported on tension cables and incorporating a jacking system for precision tensioning of the fabric membrane.

Using PVC coated polyester for the membrane forms, the result is a bright white, flowing canopy which offers longevity, durability, ease of maintenance and a flawless finish.

Working closely with our USA partner, we designed and engineered the supporting steelwork for fabrication closer to home. The canopies themselves were designed and fabricated in the UK and then shipped to Washington State for a team of local installers, supervised by our Installation Manager, to fit.

Undertaking the work during the pandemic was a challenge as travel was not straightforward. However, the expertise of our Installation Manager was necessary to ensure a successful project outcome and therefore isolation periods were undertaken and careful management of site meant we could keep everyone safe.

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