ETFE foil cushions

600 ETFE Cushions Used to Create Striking Malaysian Railway Station

Architen are thrilled to have been appointed by Victor Buyck to design and manufacture an ETFE cushion tunnel as part of the…

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Architectural ETFE Foil cushions

New ETFE Absorbs Infrared Radiation

Architen Landrell is thrilled to be the first in the industry to introduce a pioneering new form of ETFE technology which reduces…

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ETFE roof for swimming venue

17th Asian Games: Opening Ceremony 19 September

In a week, the Opening Ceremonies for the 17th Asian Games will take place in Incheon, Korea. Architen is proud to have…

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CPD Presentation

Latest CPD: Comments from Haskoll Architects

Our CPD series has been receiving praises from the top architectural firms throughout the UK.  This week we had the opportunity to meet…

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ETFE canopy bus station

Blue Sky, Red Bus, Iconic ETFE Canopy

Spring is definitely here in London. Passing by Westfield today, I stopped to take a quick photo of our ETFE roof over…

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ETFE Intelligent Printing

Barts Hospital: Why ETFE was Chosen Over Glass

Specialty Fabrics Review published an article about Architen’s ETFE System and how it provides an abundance of natural light over the courtyard in the new wing…

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ETFE cushions over a swimming pool

Munhak Aquatic Centre: Ready for the Asian Games

We are a year away from the 17th Asian Games and the city of Incheon, South Korea is ready to host the…

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Architen Newsletter

Latest Newsletter: Maintenance is Necessary

If you have a Tensile Fabric Structure or are considering one, this newsletter is for you. Click here to read the on-line…

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RIBA product selector image

RIBA Recommended

RIBA is recognised as the most prominent and exclusive membership body of Architects worldwide.  Given a large part of Architens clients are…

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Steelwork ready to support ETFE roof

Going UP: Steel Frame @ Ayr Central

Architen Landrells Installation Team is making progress at Ayr Central Shopping Centre in Scotland.  The intricate web of steel is taking shape, spanning the…

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Circular ETFE cushions over atrium for offices

‘High-Light’: 30m Academy Features ETFE Roofs

Four months ago, Bushey Academy opened its doors featuring three inflated ETFE roofs sun drenching offices, the library and cafeteria.  In addition…

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ETFE foil cushion installation

Update from South Korea: Munhak Aquatics Venue

Despite tension in North Korea, the show must go on.  Organisers of the Asian Games are pressing forward with the construction of…

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Qatar Gas – Fabric Dome

Effects of a bomb blast on tensile fabric structures and ETFE

When looking at the different types of construction available it is important to consider the environment that the structure will be in,…

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Single layer ETFE roof with cable net

ETFE Guide: Controlling Solar Gain

ETFE is an exciting, new and modern approach to roofing with benefits which outweigh glass and other products. However, there are certain…

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Single layer ETFE foil in barrel vault canopy

The effects of a power failure on an ETFE cushion roof

To maintain their shape and structural stability multi-layer ETFE foil cushions require air inflation. The cushions are kept continually inflated at a predefined pressure by a small air…

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ETFE foil roof with intelligent printing

ETFE Quick Guide II – Cushion systems

An ETFE cushion roof is impressive to look at, but have you ever wondered how the cushions maintain their shape, even in…

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ETFE Roof Structure

ETFE Quick Guide III – control systems

We touched upon the inflation systems and how they work in an earlier blog post, here we look at the entire system…

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Architectural ETFE Foil cushions

A very quick guide to ETFE

More often ETFE is being used in the construction industry as an alternative to glazing and other traditional building materials. A relatively…

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Watch us on site at Trinity Walk, Wakefield – ETFE Roof installation!

After winning the contract to install over 2,500sqm of 2 layer ETFE foil cushions at Trinity Walk Shopping Centre in Wakefield, the…

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ETFE Roof Structure

Architen Landrell begins works on ETFE Roofs for two Oldham Schools

As part of a Public Funding Initiative, Architen Landrell is thrilled to have won the contract to install two 1,300sqm single ply…

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